Oh, Emmy!

My poem today is a tribute to the greatest animal whisperer I’ve ever known- Emmy Minor-
who exudes joy and hope where it isn’t.


Oh, Emmy! 

Oh, to speak eagle,

broken-winged eagle

who returns majestically

to the skies!

There on the banks 

of Sapelo’s flow

a lifespring well

of thanks 

Oh, to lisp otter, 

motor-legged otter,

who happily limps 

back up the dock 

and ….wait….

this can’t be…..

playfully romps 

with the dog?

Oh, to gab with the goat- 

a miracle save- 

who now firmly believes 

he’s a man?

To hum a sad song 

that turns upbeat again

and sparks life anew 

in her hands

She speaks to them all

and calls them by name




and coaches them back 

to their game

and still they return 

from release to the wild 

grateful homecomings 

to the sanctuary

to thank her

to whisper

“I love you”

in animalese

Oh, what can you

teach us 

about loving those 

not just like us


before all hope is lost? 

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