2021 New Year Haikus

2021 New Year Haikus 

Dames Ferry State Park

camping Lake Juliette’s shores 

new year welcomed here 

camper fully stocked 

sausage breakfast casserole 

black-eyed peas and ham 

Jacksonville beef brats 

Taster’s Choice flavor crystals 

Great Grains cereal

Duraflame gold bricks

here on campsite 23 

host-delivered wood

full window lake view 

dogs in our laps, watching ducks

locked and loaded growls

lunch at Whistle Stop

Bennett’s barbecue the choice

Fried Green Tomatoes

where’s our DVD? 

watching the movie (again)

raindrops on the roof

Jensen tuned just right

we love the country legends 

can’t beat classic rock!

reading, tinkering

relishing the disconnect

unplugged, loving life!

first day of the year 

doing what we hope to do 

more of through the year

there’s no substitute 

for together time, camping

hitch up and let’s go!  

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