1838 / Follow the Star




London: fire sweeps Lloyds Coffee House and Royal Exchange

     medium roast coffee

Samuel Morse invents telegraph 

     thoughtfully brewed for me 

First recorded lowest temperature: -60° in Yakutsk

     warms my heart 

South Africa: Weenen massacre 

     and revives my spirit

Maryland: Kentucky and Maine US Representatives have rifle duel (lobster loses)

     in a world gone crazy mad

Trail of Tears: forcible relocation of the Cherokee Nation

     in a cruel, unjust world 

London: Coronation of Queen Victoria at Westminster Abbey

     where I’m treated like royalty: 

Frederick vessel first to accurately measure star distances

     Chick Fil A nuggets in the cab of a 

     pickup truck, watching the 

     Christmas Star – the Star of a King

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