Then and Now

Today’s prompt inspired us to map our voices.  I took today’s date and broke it apart into two years of history and mirrored events. 

Then and Now



King John Forced to sign the Magna Carta

George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor police murders

King John rejects Magna Carta: First Barons’ War

COVID-19 pandemic sweeps worldwide

Pope Innocent III declares Magna Carta invalid

Harry and Megan opt out of royalty

Genghis Khan’s Mongols torch Beijing: month-long burn

Australian brushfires kill 47 million acres

Fourth Lateran council defines transubstantiation doctrine

Beirut erupts in explosions

The Dominican Order is founded

Murder hornets arrive

The Macy Jug is made

Beloved world legends die

Then and now: the promise of hope is found in a manger in Bethlehem

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