November Blessings

 A sensory blessing poem using a line from Mary Oliver’s “It Was Early” as a last line. 


I can see it:
the one who said, “No more inside dogs!” with your lap full of Fitz and Boo Radley, sharing snacks and watching NCIS like weekend bachelors

I can taste it:
the perfect morning coffee you brew and bring me every day, fixed just the way I like it 

I can hear it:
you – watching every YouTube video you can find about new camper set up and then summarizing them for me so we get things right 

I can smell it:
the campfire smoke – built especially for me because you know I love sitting out by an open fire wrapped in a blanket looking at the stars with you

I can feel it:
the way your hand always finds mine, intermingling our fingers as you stride up beside me and whisper, “Quick! Act like you like me!” and look around suspiciously whenever we’re walking through any parking lot

Sometimes I need only to stand wherever I am to be blessed!

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