To Be Blessed


Thankful, Grateful, Blessed 

A poem each day of November to spark gratitude 

Today’s poem uses a borrowed line from Mary Oliver’s “It Was Early”- Sometimes I need only to stand wherever I am to be blessed

I can feel it – 

the love in the kiss by the campfire, a kiss for no real reason at all except to say I love you 

I can see it – 

you, taking a picture of Boo Radley as he barks at the skeleton dog Halloween decorations

I can hear it – 

Fitz’s cat-like purring as he nuzzles next to my ear deep in sleep on the back of the couch 

I can taste it – 

in the morning coffee you bring me when I’m busy or when I’m lazy,

fixed just the way I like it 

I can smell it – the first fumes of furnace heat you spent time figuring out in this new used camper so we could sleep warm


I need only to stand 

where I am 

to be blessed

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