A Very Mary Variation

Borrowed line #1 from Mary Oliver’s “Nothing is too Small to be Wondered About” from Felicity 


It’s fall

the time of crisping- 

crisp apples, crisp air, crisp leaves

the time of pumpkining- pumpkin pie, pumpkin carving, pumpkin spice 

the time of changing- changing winds, changing clothes, changing weather

the time of camping- campers, campfires, campgrounds 

the time of gathering-festival gatherings, family gatherings, harvest gatherings 

the time of celebrating-celebrating Halloween, celebrating Veterans Day, celebrating Thanksgiving 

the time of spiriting-

holiday spirits, liquid spirits, kindred spirits

the time of simmering- simmering soups, simmering chili, simmering cider 

the time of roasting-

roasting turkeys, roasting marshmallows, roasting toes fireside

the time of baking-

baking apples, baking breads, baking pies

the time of crackling-

crackling leaves, crackling wicks, crackling logs

the time of falling- 

falling leaves, falling temperatures, falling in love

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