A Very Mary  Variation

I gathered lines from the poems of Mary Oliver and rearranged them

into this Bodies in Motion verse:


eager for action 

running here,running there 

when in motion 

hardly able to stop, he leaps, he spins 

leaps and dives up and down 

time is draining from the clock

running forward 

without a backward glance


   *    *    *    *

all the way home 

limping, lumbering 

perfectly finished

Taken from these poems, in this order: 

“Percy Wakes Me”

“The Storm (Bear)”

“For I Will Consider My Dog Percy”

“The Storm (Bear)”

“The Dog Has Run Off Again (Benjamin)”

“The Gift”

“Percy Speaks While I Am

Doing Taxes”

“The Summer Beach”

“The First Time Percy Came Back”



“In Pobiddy, Georgia”

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