first of all, I do not want to be doing this 

I’ll just tell you this 
you are something else 
you’re like a little wild thing that was never sent to school
you, so tangled in your mind, are wrong
you can’t fix everything in the world 
this is called thinking- it’s something people do 
think about it 
or have you gone too crazy for power, for things? 
meals were sent up 
we were told to build a fence, which we did 
the voices around you kept shouting 
to be understood 
but your soul won’t listen 
as you left their voices behind 
and should anyone be surprised 
over and over announcing your place in the family 
shame showing itself to the village 
you have to go home now and live with 
the questions that weigh so in your mind 
there’s a sickness worse than the risk of death and that’s 
            forgetting what we should never forget 
which will never be forgotten

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