The Witchery


A Very Mary Variation

Happy October! As we draw near to the night of all things spooky, today’s poem is inspired by the witches of Macbeth by Shakespeare and is a found poem I call a Mashed Potato poem, using rearranged and borrowed lines from the poems of Mary Oliver

The Witchery 

while the dead wind rises

I kneel before the fire

stirring with a stick of iron

I’ll cook the leaves briefly

and eat of their mealiness

mostly frogs -but  don’t worry-

it doesn’t have to be

the oaks and the pines

I am not even surprised that I can do this

the witchery of living –

a madness of delight; an obsession

my heart dresses in black and dances

Thank you, Mary, for these and all poems(in order of appearance):

“Winter at Herring Cove”



“Honey Locust”

“Honey Locust”


“When I Am Among the Trees”

“North Country”

“Franz Marc’s Blue Horses”

“To Begin With, the Sweet Grass”

“Wild, Wild”

“After Reading Lucretius, I go to the Pond”

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