The Real Work: Looking and Listening

A Very Mary Oliver Double Golden Shovel

With lines from “From the Book of Time” beginning 

“I rose this morning early as usual and went to my desk,” and ending “and I am thinking maybe just looking and listening is the real work.” This is my debut golden shovel, and small-screen devices must be turned sideways to see the vertical lines formatted correctly. 

The Real Work: Looking and Listening

I begin each day with pen in hand and

rose to set the tone today (I, 

this day and every day, am

morning-ready to begin the journey thinking

early – when the mind is sharpest – maybe

as a blessing, perhaps as a curse – just

usual patterns of noticing, looking, 

and pondering, considering words) and

went for coffee first, now sit listening

to the wisdom of Mary, who is

my soul poet, reminding me that the

desk at the office is not life’s real


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