When the Towers Fell

When the Towers Fell

Shortly before the towers fell, my colleague Genevieve Gresham and I were seated at a table in her classroom having our picture made for the Hilton Head Elementary School website. 

We both smiled as Colleen Skibo took our picture and uploaded it. The full picture did not print, but if you could see the whole frame, you’d see Genevieve seated to my left and the American Flag hanging proudly over both of us, allegiance soon to be pledged by a classroom of yet unknowing students and their teachers. What can be seen is the clock on the wall, the date on the board, and what one typical second grade classroom looked like, frozen in time, before the world was forever changed. 

Today I remember the many heroes who gave their own lives to save others. I pray that their family members feel the arms of these heroes wrapped lovingly around them as they relive the day we will never forget. 

Where were you when the towers fell? 

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