shoes’ll take you back


Shoes’ll take you back

shoes’ll take you back

-sparkly coral wedges-

to your son’s  wedding 

on a Tennessee mountainside 

where the hand -hewn arbor 

crafted by the bride’s dad 

framed the majestic simplicity 

of vows exchanged 

shoes’ll take you back 

-ecru platforms-

to the restaurant in Johns Creek 

where a community of Chinese descendants 

gathered to celebrate 

an American war hero 

whose missions saved their grandparents 

when his remains came home- finally 

shoes’ll take you back

-coffee slings- 

to the cobblestone streets of Savannah 

walking around the historic squares 

of the Flannery O’Connor childhood home 

on the way to Bonaventure cemetery 

shoes’ll take you back 

-black Merrells-

to the streets of Europe 

eating German licorice in Berlin 

escargot in Paris 

fish and chips in London 

pasta Arrabbiata in Florence 

pizza margherita and pistachio gelato in Rome

shoes’ll take you back 

-white baby boots-

to your child’s first steps 

the little white lace barrels screwed tight 

to prevent tripping 

in classic white Stride Rites 

festive bells sounding every success 

shoes I’ll take you back 

-gold spray painted sandals-

to your wedding day 

where God had turned your world around 

so you flipped your wedding party 

to face the guests

so they could see 

you were happier this time around 

shoes’ll take you back

-patriotic sneakers-

to the day you started kindergarten 

in Reynolds Georgia 

when all you wanted was 

a pair of 1970 red white and blue canvas Keds 

and the Whatleys  loaded you up 

in their Winnebago 

for a trip to the Macon Mall 

to find them in Belk

shoes’ll take you back 

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