Today’s inspiration comes from Tracie McCormick, who inspired our writing group to write a Monotetra – one quatrain or a series of quatrains, rhyme scheme AABB, with the last line of each quatrain becoming a repeating 4-syllable phrase, and all lines containing 8 syllables.

I Know a Place

I know a place where lovers go
in wintertime to feel the snow
who love fresh air and balsam pine
and sweet red wine, and sweet red wine

I know a place where good friends go
on autumn days when breezes blow
who love crisp leaves and crackling pine
and dry red wine, and dry red wine

I know a place where families go
on warm spring days, trails to follow
who love to hike among the pines
and dry white wine, and dry white wine

I know a place where teachers go
in summertime when cool springs flow
who read and write and sip and dine
on sweet white wine, more sweet white wine

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