Today’s inspiration comes from Mo and Tracie, writing buddies at, who chose the Rondeau as today’s form.  A Rondeau has nine lines (or can repeat a sequence for more lines) with 8 syllables per line except for the refrains, which have 4, and an AABBA, AABArefrain line sequence. 
Inner voice 
mountaintop treehouse, pen in hand
high atop trees like a deer stand
tasted a donut, threw it down
thought, “oh no!” as it hit the ground
what if bears inhabit this land? 
climbed back down into Wi-Fi band
downloaded prompt: for gold I panned
climbed back up, set my writer’s frown
“retire here and…”
mountaintop sunrise: ain’t life grand!?
writing footprints left in this sand
high in north Georgia, each new sound
awakens senses all around
flames of north Georgia passion fanned
“retire here and….”

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