Work and Peace

What is destiny on a farm
  on a farm full of life
    full of vegetables and herbs,
      of chickens and goats,
      of pigs and dogs,
      of people who
         rise with the roosters and
         leap into life
           to mow fields
           to mend fences
           to tend gardens
           to milk goats
           to bake bread
           to make soap
           to feed flocks
           to heave hay to herds
           to clean coops
               and call it a day
               and sip iced tea with fresh mint sprigs
                      on the back porch swing
                           and give thanks for the beauty of it all
                           and shower to cool down sweat-drenched bodies
                           and rinse the day’s dirt down the drain
                           and bring in the wind-dried sheets that smell
                           fresh like sunshine and breeze
                                 that bring clean, deep sleep
            to people who say blessings over farm-to-table meals,
                 who work hard
                 who drive slowly
                 who live intentionally
                        as one with the land
                            at peace within?

Destiny IS the farm!

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