Jericho Brown recently won the Pulitzer Prize for his poetry collection The Tradition, in which he invented a new style called a Duplex. The Duplex blends the musicality and structure of the ghazal, the sonnet, and the blues. You can read a couple of Brown’s poems here:


 Raise a glass to the Literary Avant-Garde by writing a Duplex today on any topic of your choice. I chose my favorite line from my favorite Eagles song to help me get started. The duplex starts with a couplet of two distinct lines. The second line is repeated and a new line is added, and then the format is repeated until there are seven couplets of nine to eleven syllables in each line.  Each new couplet’s first line ends with the final word in the preceding line, and the final word is the last word of the first line. 

Kim’s Poem

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