Challenge from Sarah Donovan:  Celebrate the end of National Poetry Month today in our group by writing as you wish. 

My response:

Sarah, I have a million words, and none of them can express the gratitude I feel for this group and the space and leadership that you provide as we come together to write – to be inspired, to grow, to expand our perspectives. You make a difference and give us all a place of purpose in this writing sanctuary. I echo your sentiment in these lines of your poem: “uncovered poetry’s gift of therapy —
its power to assuage souls, stir inspiration, and bring joy.”
Today, I have written a #verselove acrostic, and borrowed a favorite line from Susie Morice’s poem yesterday. National Poetry Month has been euphoric because of everyone who has written from the heart and shared. Cheers for the journey!

#Verselove: An Acrostic

Vivacious verse of
Energetic, creative souls
Renewing outlook of
Spirits: kindred hearts
Every writer inspiring the
Love of poetry – and of life itself!
Outshining the backdrop of the
Venom and vomit of all our plagues
Euphoric freedom found in #verselove!

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