Challenge from Susie Morice:  Write a poem of renewal – – a new cycle, a watershed moment….

a set of brand new laundry twins
our clothes you’ve cleaned with freshening spins

through scrubs and rinses, soaks and suds
you’ve danced and tumbled with our duds

but slowly over time you’ve ailed
and six times now your cycles failed

just like Frank, we’ve sipped that Coke
we’re wrung out fixing all that’s broke

we’re worn down, agitated, sour-face steamed
you’ve cycled us from tears to screams

a ceremonial ablution
seems a logical solution

we’ll take the towel and throw it in
hurrah! yee-haw! high five! you win!

we’ll be hard-pressed to find two more
in any case, we’ll go explore

and when the sun comes up tomorrow
forget the rhyming sorrow……..
we’ll wonder why the hell it took us so long to let you go

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