Challenge from Sarah Donovan:
Write a Credo poem – – a mantra about what matters to you.

I see it in the old photographs –
   young minister at his desk
   books piled high
   baby in the middle
   wallowing in the books,
   chewing the pen
   two fully immersed
   in words, texts, pens, paper, creating,
   passion pumping through veins
    like ink through a fountain pen.
That baby was me. 
Literacy guaranteed.
But what about the Shunwells?
Who ignites their flames?
knowing about basketball
writing about basketball
watching a basketball game
isn’t enough.
and get my arms around kids
and perpetuate that legacy
and revise the playbook
-Kim Johnson
Inspired by my father, Dr. Felix Haynes, and the greatest of the great at showing up unannounced – Kwame Alexander  – watch here:

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