Challenge from Glenda Funk:  Write an echo sonnet. (I made my echos hashtags).

None of us have spirited family Christmases with characters like these – I repeat: this is all fictional (required disclaimer). But for our friends who do, here is…..a holiday hashtag echo sonnet with 14 plus one more…….a solution.

Sleighfully Navigating a Spirited Family Christmas 

Self-proclaimed “Mother-of-the-Year” stepsister mommy shaming another?

Philandering uncle’s womanizing making you sick?

Cheap-ass brother not bearing a gift?

Political hothead brother-in-law TRUMPeting his lies?

Know-it-all cousin crowing all he knows?

Holier-than-thou stepfriend “blessing your heart?”

Perfect pink princess sister-in-law going to town?

Meddling mother-in-law business-poking?

Freeloading stepbrother eating everyone’s lunch?

Gossiping father spewing venom?

Bragging niece going yackety-yak?

Stumbling drunk nephew landing in laps?

All 17 spoiled grandkids acting high class?

Manipulative aunt controlling the back porch?

           The best way through the Christmas fog?

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