Ode to My Hair Clip

We’ve been together now
for years,
and I think it’s time we
comb the area and
put down some roots.
I need to keep you in my life.
You help me hold it together
when it all gets squirrelly.
Without you, it would all
come tumbling down
in a matted heap,
leaving wayward strands
confused, not knowing
which way to go.
I’m grateful to you for
having my back and
keeping me cool
for keeping me untangled
and able to see things
for what they truly are.
You keep me in my lane –
and help me avoid collisions
with walls and cars and
people and random things
like pickle displays in
Kroger and
cactus plants in Lowe’s.
You encourage my reading habit
even more than my glasses do.
You really help me keep a clear head.
I admire how you keep holding on
for the wild ride,
never letting go,
even when everything is hairy.
Oh Goody, you’re my main squeeze!

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