“Eating My Way Through Europe”

In a London pub
Fish and chips, malt vinegar
Beer and lemonade Shandy
Warm bread pudding for dessert
Scoop of vanilla ice cream

Eating escargot
Espresso shot with sugar
Outdoor cafe in Paris
Melted Camembert on toast
Chocolate mousse for dessert

Florence, winding streets
Pasta arrabbiata
Shredded Parmesan
Spicy penne with basil
Pistachio gelato

Rome, table upstairs
Hot pizza margherita
Mozzarella cheese
Red peppery olive oil
Thin, crispy crust for dipping

White asparagus
Buttery tasting in soup
Berlin restaurant
Tangy red cabbage side dish
Apfelkuchen for dessert

Farmhouse in America
Fresh eggs from backyard chickens
Fried over easy
Yolk-sopped buttery wheat toast
Apple butter and coffee

Still no place like home for food

-Kim Johnson

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