Poetry challenge from Aida Salazar:  write a FREE VERSE poem that describes how celestial bodies affect you


Cancer the Crab:  a sign of water – blue water
Island girl born peaceful and tranquilly crabby

Dim constellation in a quiet corner of the universe
She’s an oyster

Requires a telescope to see all his stars
Keeps her layers hidden, too

He boasts a beehive cluster of stars
Rich honey blocked by bees

Northern Donkey and Southern Donkey Stars at his heart
Explain the blue donkey at hers

Asellus Borealis and Asellus Australis
She’s Double-Stubborn, too

Origin of nativity pictures – donkeys behind a manger
She’s behind that manger as well

“Blind Stars” predict poor eyesight
Bumps into walls, but prophetic like Teiresias

“Stubborn donkeys” see what others cannot see in the path –
     protect others as they resist
She perceives what others don’t

His Superearth a “diamond world”
She’s the strongest stuff on Earth

 -Kim Johnson

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