Poetry challenge from Kip Wilson – write a poem about a historical figure with whom you’ve always been fascinated.

Washington’s Other Monument

Mom and Grandma died same day
One upstairs, one down
Two days after she was born
controversial clown
Defied T.R. and Edith, too
Told not to smoke inside
She hopped upon the White House roof 
Lit up and danced to chide
Emily Spinach slithered in her purse
She slunk with men in cars
Bookie bets were well disbursed
Bought beer in all the bars
Jumped in ship’s pool, fully clothed
Followed by Longworth
Lost the clothes, wed her betrothed
But to Borah’s child gave birth
Wedded a Republican
Learned that wasn’t wise
She herself a Democrat
Campaigned for other guys
Gossip pillow welcomer
Buried voodoo doll of Taft
Despised FDR and Eleanor
Thought them both quite daft
Alice Blue Gown, Where Art Thou?
We miss your witty tricks.
Currently inside the House
…..idiotic antics.
-Kim Johnson

*Alice Roosevelt Longworth 

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