Poetry challenge from Sarah J. Donovan – Write a poem
about the part of you that you like best. 

Go Away! I’m Introverting!

Not my mother’s narrow feet
or curly hair that defies all logic,
Not my father’s fixation on collecting books
or his way with words – but
The best thing about me
is my way without words.

My introverted stream of consciousness
allows me to perceive things
that extroverts cannot.

Sharing the world with
so many self-absorbed, incessant talkers
is a constant reminder that
peace, humility, and tranquility
are worth far more than
self-promoting proclamations..
My socks give the command:
“Go away! I’m introverting!”
Not to be rude, but I’ve got a lot of
enjoying time alone to do.

The best part of me
is that I’m happy being me,
and I don’t feel the need to
relentlessly convince anyone else
of this truth.

-Kim Johnson

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