Poetry Challenge from Travis Crowder – Write a poem about a place you’d like to be.

I can be in my imagination….in a coffee shop…with a million different new flavor options.
Cheers! Here’s my poem for today:

Coffee Creamer Dreamers

Starbucks debut coffee creamers
Mugs of hope for java drinkers

Thin Mint Cookie
Rocky Road
Fireside S’mores, a’la mode

Whoville Pudding
Crème Brulee
Chocolate Mousse
Fruit Parfait

Whipped Cream Pastry
Banana Nut Muffin
Cupcake Fun

Baked Alaska
French Beignet
Banana Split
Ice Cream Sundae

Witty Comebacks Guaranteed
Pain-Free Childbirth, yes indeed

Apple Dumpling
Pumpkin Roll
Blackberry Cobbler
Donut Hole

Bananas Foster
Triple Mocha

Tiered Spumoni
Ice Cream Coney

Marshmallow Crème
Root Beer Float
Whoopie Pie
Buttercream Boat

Apple Crisp
Mint Oreo
Turkish Delight
Cookie Dough

Key Lime Margaritaville
Twenty Million Dollar Bill

Lady Fingers
Almond Joy
Dark Molasses
Gingerbread Boy

Nutmegged Eggnog
Wedding Cake
Caramel Turtle
Coconut Flake

Honey Fig Flan
Chocolate Frog
Stuckeys Crusted Pecan Log

Happy Marriage
Peaceful Home
Visit London, Paris, Rome

Almond Toffee
Irish Cream
Kahlua Dream

Blonde Brownie
Maple Fudge
Hershey’s Kisses
Sugar Sludge

Hot Cocoa
Whiskey Truffle
Glazed Doughnut

Cadbury Crème Egg
Pecan Pie
Peanut Brittle
Warm Buckeye

Egg Custard
Buttered Rum
Mudslide Milkshake
Cookie Crumb

Butter Beer
Nirvana Zen
Weight Loss Magic
Peace Within

Lucky Charms
Sweet Cream Bliss of Dairy Farms

Candied Pear
Anything you want in there

Dreams inside your coffee cup
Drink them down and perk right up!

-Kim Johnson

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