Poetry challenge from Sarah J. Donovan – write a poem about a breakup
experience that you have had.


You barged in
with your Old Testament
fire and brimstone theological ideas

No women in leadership!
Bring sinners before the church!
Change your ways or leave!

Your sermons
are not preached from the heart
but downloaded and read word for word
with mispronunciations

You keep your wife at home
walled off
homeschooling your children
who do not belong with the others

You barged in as a coach
to supervise your son’s homeschool PE requirements
game interactions with less than perfect sinning public school seven-year-olds

I didn’t leave God or my church family
I left a poisoned Kool-Aid preacher
and moved along
to a church
where varied interpretations are valued
women are wanted
sinners are loved
with the same mercy and grace that Jesus showed

-Kim Johnson

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