#VerseLove April 3 – with Stacey Joy

Stacey Joy of California challenges us with a fabulous prompt on this first Monday of April, when we can feel all the promise of spring and the budding words, when shimmers of dew sparkle on the morning grass. This is a lovely way to start the day at www.ethicalela.com for the third day of #VerseLove.  Her mentor Haiku Sonnet abounds with all hope and promise, restoring my morning of a sleepless night. I took her second line ~ Ancestors’ prayers and dreams ~ and meditated on this as I considered the quality of sleep that plagues me for weeks on end after the spring time change, last night especially. I also added one extra Haiku to the mix because I can’t ever count, so my Haiku Sonnet might actually be a Haiku Syllable Sonnet since there are 17 lines. 

Life at Times

sleeping country nights
overhead ceiling fan whirs
windows open wide

blurred nightmare airing
my life hangs in layers on
laundry line in dreams

night fog, striated slices
dense as fear, tense as monsters
past, present, future

random rumblings
REM: impossible journey
uncertain murmurs

billowing slumber
sheets dancing, ghostly breezes
whipping, wrestling, wavering

woeful, restless angst 
real nightmares play out

Gratitude for River on His Birthday

He’s a character, this grandson of mine. I knew it when he was born, but knew it for sure when I saw him zipping around on a Hoverboard at 2, his blond locks flowing in the breeze. We are so grateful for all of our grandchildren, and on this day we give thanks especially for River Dawson Meyer! What a blessing he is in our lives!

River Dawson Meyer

Remote control cars zip around:
Infectious laughter,
Vivacious smiles,
Eyes that talk ~
River Dawson Meyer

Don't hand him your phone - - (he's an
Amazon secret orderer)
Water lover
Oh- and do 
NOT underestimate him near dolphin tanks!
My grandson
Ever so cleverly jumped in ~
Youngster gave new memories to the family picture -
Everyone Smile!  They did. Click. Then he dove. 
Real chaser of dreams, this one!